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The OIB website team specially selected a few links related to the section. They point to web pages directly concerning OIB or lycée Magendie, or to websites which have held our attention for their quality and which might be helpful to OIB students. Of course this selection may be widened thanks to your suggestions.
To make any proposals concerning OIB links, all you have to do is click here.

Moreover, the OIB website is delighted to offer the students who desire it a link to their personal web pages. So, OIB maggots, worms and butterflies, if you want a link to your site just email us!

Click here to view the OIB links page.

How to contact them?

Here is a contact list of OIB students, classified according to their classes. You can send emails to the students whose names are underlined. To do that, all you have to do is click on the name of the person you want to send an email to.

You can also view or download this chart in Microsoft® Excel format by clicking here.

Unfortunately only five classes of OIB students have been typed because we are lacking information -and also time ;-). Therefore we are very much looking forward to being helped for two things :
- It would be nice if some present OIB students volunteered to type names and addresses (and then save them on a floppy disk to be given to Mrs Canadas, or send them here). If you feel you want to be helpful just talk to Mrs Canadas about it.
- OIB oldies and "pioneers", we will be receiving news from you with open arms! Of course we can (and probably will) find all the names missing (from old yearbooks) but obviously most of you changed their addresses and everything... I suggest you have a look at Mrs Canadas' chat message (November 8th 2002).
If you can tell us just what you are doing, what you are becoming etc. we might just add an "activity" column or put it right at the bottom of your class or... Do you have any ideas?

If you already in this contact list, just check if your details are up to date! And if you mind that your details are available on this website, just email us.

Click here to view the OIB contact list.

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